chet not stupid

chet smart.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

chet have one week

chet have one week. chet need to convince iowa that chet not stupid. he need to convince iowa some things so they vote for chet. here the list:

that state legislators not know anything about governing. state legislators not endorse chet. they all go for someone else. but they not know anything about government or about the people running for governor.

governor vilsack not know anything about governing. he not officially against chet, but he definately not for chet. not pay attention to that. what he know about government or chet?

that chet not have to pay attention to state constitution. chet not pay attention and screw up amendment to iowa constitution. this article explain. it not like constitution important.

that chet not need to go to meetings (patty not need go either). chet miss almost ever meeting of the executive officers of iowa. chet not care and neither should you. chet not add anything to meetings anyway.

that chet not need money from iowans. chet not need support from grass roots. chet have DC roots instead. chet grow up there. his family there. DC roots pay bills better, and not expect good government in return. chet get more money from DC area than sitting congressman.

that truth not matter. even democrats in the legislature call chet a liar. but chet not care. honesty not important. it what people believe that important. chet learn that from karl rove. fibbing ok if it makes problems go away.

that it ok to ignore state ombudsman. chet put iowans private information on the internet for anyone to get. ombudsman tell him to fix it, but chet ignore. chet ignore for six months.

that yepsen not know anything about iowa politics: "The rap on Culver is that he's not bright enough to be governor, and there was little in his performance to ease Democratic concerns he's just not ready to go toe-to-toe with the Republican candidate, Jim Nussle."

that it ok to have someone on campaign team who milked state for millions in department of transportation land deal. it under investigation. "The expo spurned the interest of two other bidders and accepted $15,072 an acre from Knapp and Elwell in 1999 without an appraisal and without advertising the sale. Knapp and Elwell later resold a portion of the property to the state for $130,000 an acre...

Many of the questions, Vaudt said, center on the cozy relationships among Knapp, Elwell, the expo and the Iowa Department of Transportation, and whether those ties led to decisions that cheated taxpayers.
so all chet really have to do is to convince democrats these things and he win next week. oh he forgot one thing:

that nussle, independents, and republicans won't care about these things or anything else that chet forget to list. maybe this most important thing to remember. they just let sleeping dog lie.

Monday, May 22, 2006

chet not have to care about gays anymore

chet not have to care about gays anymore. staff tell chet that he not have to talk about gays getting married anymore. they tell him it good idea awhile ago. now they change minds, so so does chet. this good deal. chet not have to have opinoin on anything. he just do what staff say get him votes. chet not sure why gays want married anyway. chet get a little tingly in locker room sometime, but that about it.

Friday, May 19, 2006

chet not know where carrol county is

chet not know where carroll county is. carroll daily times herald complain because chet not go to carroll county.

they say "where in the world is chet culver?"

chet say "where in the world is carroll county?"
Culver, the son of a former U.S. senator, should know this is a state where face-to-face appearances are required not only for gubernatorial candidates, but presidential aspirants as well.

Now, of course, Culver could be planning visits in the next three weeks before the June 6 primary.

But that’s not good enough.

chet too busy missing all his meetings. chet also too busy making calls out of state to visit places like carroll county. chets phone not get good reception out there. how he call maryland and virginia and massachusets to talk to chet supporters when his phone not work?

patty right. chet on tv talking about how important he was when he had job in attorney generals office (you just remember how unimportant chets job just before that was). they not have tv in carroll county? chet not sure. he never go there.

legislators call chet liar

legislators call chet liar.
House Minority Leader Pat Murphy, D-Dubuque, said he remembers meeting Culver the first week after he was sworn in as a state lawmaker in 1990.

Murphy said Culver introduced himself as the son of former U.S. Sen. John Culver and listed his clients, including IBP.

Murphy said the conversation stood out because of who Culver's father was and because Dubuque residents at the time had been concerned about the possibility of IBP moving into town.

"It was not something that Dubuquers wanted to see happen, so when I heard that, I remembered it. But he admitted to me at that point that he represented them as a client," Murphy said.
Rep. Phil Wise, a Democrat from Keokuk, said he knew back then that Culver worked as a lobbyist for IBP.

"That is just an absurd assertion that somehow it doesn't count," Wise said.
chet get mad. chet get real mad. why they not want chet governor? no one who know chet want him governor. chet have to get all his money from other states. dad raise money for chet. why not legislators?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

chet lobby for ibp

chet lobby for ibp. ed campbell want chet to work for him. he want to tell people senator john culvers son worked for him. that chets dad. chet have hard time getting job after college. chet was young and need the money.

chets staff say one good thing about ibp problem. no one talk about chets failure as secretary of state. they not talk about how chet mess up on amending iowas constitution. that complete cock up and chet not have good excuse. chet just not pay attention. chet try not to talk about it. maybe iowa not care in november. constitution not that important, right?

Monday, May 15, 2006

chet have tattle-taler

chet have tattle-taler. they get myspace to delete chets page.
I wrote myspace and told them you created a false page. What you are doing is wrong. If you put up another page I will write them again. So stop it.
chet build new one. click and be chets friend.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

chets myspace deleted again

chets myspace deleted again. this time he get email.
Your account has been deleted for violating our terms of service.

This is usually one of few things:

* nude images, sexually suggestive or violent photos
* covering our banner ads with HTML
* harassing other users
* you do not meet the minimum age requirement
* spamming the classifieds, forums, or bulletins
* attempting to artificially inflate scores
* scripting the site

If you choose to return to MySpace, please follow the rules. Thanks.

Your account can not be restored.
chet not doing any of those things. chet wonder if staff get myspace deleted. they tell chet he should work on reading and math and not myspace.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

chet having hard time with ibp.

chet having hard time with ibp. opponent say chet worked for ibp. chet say he didn't. signed statement by chet say he did. who should chet believe? even chets shirt say ibp love chet.

chet selling lots of shirts. chet have hats too. click picture to go to store. chet not making profit, he just tell people chet not stupid on clothes.

Friday, May 05, 2006

chet hurt

chet hurt. people talk mean about chet on his own blog. this what chet talk about.
The SOS is responsible for elections. He's responsible for making the case to the legislature. He failed to do so. Do we want a governor who can't work with the legislature? Because that's what you'll get with Culver. There's a reason none of the legislators support him.
that comment from post under this one. chet not sure why legislators not endorse him. chet hope they have other jobs because chet fire them when he governor.

Monday, May 01, 2006

chet have emergency

chet have emergency. chet have to make emergency fixes to election machines. someone tell chet he have to do something for three years, but they think it some conspiracy. it not conspiracy, it just chet. that big of deal until people pay attention to chet. now chet try to fix at last minute since people pay attention now.