chet not stupid

chet smart.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

chet make new shirt

chet make new shirt. chet selling shirts at steady pace. maybe wear them in parade? new shirt is chet smiling at voters. chet do the art himself.

click on shirt if you want to buy. remember, chet not making money off shirts. chet just trying to remind people to vote for chet.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

chet losing to undecided

chet losing to undecided. chets staff scared that 2/3rds of democrats not want chet for governor. maybe you see it. it all on tv. staff tell chet, chet you got what it take to be governor. people know chet, he have name people know. but if so many people know chet, why they not all vote for him? chet get money from people far away. chet get money from washington, maryland and virginia. but chet only get a little from close away.

people say chet make big mistakes as secretary state. chet say so what. it not that important of job.

Monday, March 27, 2006

chet get deleted

chets myspace page get deleted. someone complain to myspace that it not chet. it not professional. chet just try to connect with young voters. chet like young voters like chris at political forecast.

chet get deleted by iowa labor unions too. chet think it too bad they not support him. who knows mike blouin? people know chet. his dad senator. chet has a helmet. vote for chet.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

chet get endorsed.

chet get endorsed. uaw endorse chet. it nice to finally have someone say chet good. too many others take blouin's side. chet start to think no one like him. no unions, no legislators, no vilsack, no one. just dads friends and college boys. now chet add uaw to list. too bad they not on myspace. chet would make them friends. add chet if you on myspace.

Friday, March 17, 2006

chet get visitors

chet get visitors. he have over 10,000 people since he start blog.

not pinch chet

not pinch chet. it st patricks day. chets blog green. chet think he set.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

it time you learned about chet

it time you learned about chet. chet have favorite movie. chet like hunchback noter dame. it about hunchback in tower. he have big hunch. pretty girl see hunchback for what hunchback really is, a nice man. this like chet. people look at chet and see big chin. they need look past big chin. see chet for what chet really is. chet senators son. vote for chet.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

chets website broke

chets website broke. chets blog only place to learn about chet. learn from chet. pick better web people.

Friday, March 10, 2006

chet try poem

chet try poem. krusty have contest. this what chet write.

chet try to write poem
chet not sure what haiku mean
he hope this does trick

chet take survey

chet take survey. friend on myspace send to chet.

Have you ever?

Given anyone a bath: chet give self bath once. he miss spots.
Bungee jumped: chet not like heights.
Made yourself throw-up: one time chet eat too many cheese balls and throw-up. that count?
Gone skinny dipping: chet not so skinny. some say he fat.
Eaten a hot dog: one time chet eat hot dog. chet get mustard on tie.
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: this get chet every winter. chet hate poles.
Played truth or dare? chet always lose that game.
Been in a police car: chet get lost one time. police take chet back to fundraiser.
Been in a sauna: chet not know what that mean. same as ennui?
Fallen asleep in school: some say that why chet not finish law school. but chet not sleep.
Ran away?: chet miss washington dc. all chets friends there.
Saved e-mails: chet just learn blog. maybe he learn email next time.
Best song you ever heard: chet like dinosaur songs
Stupidest thing you have ever done: maybe chet answer this one when he have more time.
Last thing you said: maybe chet answer this one when he have more time.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

chet on myspace.

chet on myspace. find here: chet like friends. if you on myspace, make chet friend.

chet give speech.

chet give speech. iowa ennui have it. chet not no what ennui mean. he think it mean vote for chet. maybe new t shirt.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

chet have many visitors.

chet have many visitors. this site good idea. chet get message from je. it say Kris no need to help Chet. Chet ready to lead Iowa forward.

that right! chet ready go to meetings. he already go to some. chet lead iowa.

you not believe chet? read comments. chet not make up.

chet have friends in low places

chet have friends in low places. some from statehouse visit chets website. you like website? why you not endorse chet? chet about ideas. that new theme. you like?

here shirt chet made.

here shirt chet made. chet not get money if you buy. he try to keep price low. you can wear to parade. click shirt.

heather say chet not good drawer.

heather say chet not good drawer. that ok. chet about ideas.

Monday, March 06, 2006

chet like farms

chet like farms. he draw pig. this for next t shirt. theme chet likes farms. what you think?

pig by chet

chet famous

chet famous. man at bacon site talk about chet. plug shirts. buy shirt and sticker too. chet get elected.

chet sell things

chet sell things. chet get money. you go look.

neat, yes?

chet not stupid

people say chet culver dumb. they not no chet good. chet smart. i ask friend kris woods how chet convince people. kris say chet start blog. so here is blog. if that not convince you, you check back. chet prove it.