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chet smart.

Friday, March 10, 2006

chet take survey

chet take survey. friend on myspace send to chet.

Have you ever?

Given anyone a bath: chet give self bath once. he miss spots.
Bungee jumped: chet not like heights.
Made yourself throw-up: one time chet eat too many cheese balls and throw-up. that count?
Gone skinny dipping: chet not so skinny. some say he fat.
Eaten a hot dog: one time chet eat hot dog. chet get mustard on tie.
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: this get chet every winter. chet hate poles.
Played truth or dare? chet always lose that game.
Been in a police car: chet get lost one time. police take chet back to fundraiser.
Been in a sauna: chet not know what that mean. same as ennui?
Fallen asleep in school: some say that why chet not finish law school. but chet not sleep.
Ran away?: chet miss washington dc. all chets friends there.
Saved e-mails: chet just learn blog. maybe he learn email next time.
Best song you ever heard: chet like dinosaur songs
Stupidest thing you have ever done: maybe chet answer this one when he have more time.
Last thing you said: maybe chet answer this one when he have more time.


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