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Thursday, January 22, 2009

chet really mad

chet really mad. chet read this:

Simply put, Chet Culver has poor money management skills. It took him till February to pay his to VISA bills from December 2007. He repeatedly is paying finance charges on his credit cards meaning he was either late in paying them, or isn’t paying them off every month, which is stupid when you have over a million bucks in the bank. What a waste of money.

While on the surface these are all minor things, but this is the guy who wants to put $700 million on our state credit cards. He say’s we will pay it back with gambling revenues, which seems to be the answer to everything these days. I think I remember him wanting to pay teachers with gambling revenue during the 2006 campaign. Anyway, my point is Chet Culver is the LAST person we should trust with our state finances. If you need proof, just check out his online discourser, don’t bet on Chet.

that make chet a little mad. but that just some crank blogger. yepsen crank, too, but he not blogger. that why this make chet really mad.

The move is shortsighted, because Iowa would be giving up hundreds of millions in future income from the lottery in return for a piddly one-time lump-sum payment.

But to the governor, speaker and leader, that shortsightedness doesn't mean much. If it helps them balance the books now, what the heck. Let future politicians decide how to balance their budgets without lottery money.

chet not shortsighted. chet long sighted. this deal give chets big donors two billion dollars to donate to chet over next 49 years. they need that money. top 16 donors to chet gave chet almost half million dollars last year. that half of what chet made. how chet get donations in bad economy if donors not have free money?

Don't two generations of Iowa schoolkids need that $2 billion more than a bunch of gambling businesses and the out-of-state hedge-fund operators who'll bankroll this thing?

no. chets donors need money more. how else chet get relected? chets dads washington friends not live forever.

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