chet not stupid

chet smart.

Friday, June 16, 2006

chet resign blog

chet resign blog. tonite chets dad tell him he spend too much time on computer. now chet focus chets dad say. it big day tomorrow. mike and ed say chet focus too. that what chet do.

thanks for read chet not stupid.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

chet sad

chet sad. chet get email from people who help chet blog. it say something about 'crisis of conscience.' chet not sure what that mean, but he sure you figure it out. it say they not sure if they help chet with blog anymore. chet only have 1/3 help he had before last week. that less than half. but chet still have to tell iowa that chet not stupid so chet work extra hard.

also chet have new fan site where papparazi pictures are posted. you only see bottom rung of chets washboard, but chet have it. remind chet to show next time you see.

before chet forget, he like to say sorry to handkerchief for being so sweaty. chet sorry, hanky.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

chet wonder.

chet wonder. do house democrats still think chet a liar?

chet win

chet win. see. chet not stupid.

chet have question

chet have question. is chet only one who think he look more and more like chets dad every day?

chet need votes

chet need votes. chet worried rain keep casual democrats home. it these people who not pay attention and think they're voting for chets dad that chet need to win.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

chets blog in quadcity times and other papers

chets blog in quadcity times and other papers.
"Questions about Culver’s intelligence also have dogged him on the campaign trail. An Internet blog devoted to mocking him,, has amused his opponents. Culver said he has heard about the blog but has not seen it."
where they get that idea? chet never say that. chet write blog.
Nagle said it is difficult for anyone to match brainpower with John Culver, whom he describes as an intellectual giant. Chet Culver’s strength, Nagle believes, is strong judgment.“He may not be able to design a nuclear bomb, but he knows when or when not to use it,” Nagle said
chet not sure what to make of this.